Dr. Andrew KrauseND


Naturopathic Doctor

Certified Sports Nutritionist

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

I’ve worked to be a knowledgeable clinician for clients (like you!) through my various degrees and certifications in personal training, nutrition, and naturopathic medicine. I’m continually learning how the body and mind work together to help or hinder us on route to our optimal selves.

With 8 years of post-secondary education, and 4 years of practice behind me, I’m well versed when it comes to health information so you can spend your time on things you love, instead of searching high and low to find the best exercises, best supplements, and best nutrition plans for your health status.

I help from a place of EXPERIENCE.

When I recommend an exercise or a nutrition plan for you, you can bet dollars to donuts that I’ve researched it thoroughly, and most times have tried putting the intervention into practice myself. (much to the chagrin of my family, who never really know what food I’m eating when I come see them). I do a lot of this kind of experimentation so I can better understand your experience.

When you say that cooking food from scratch is difficult when you have a busy schedule: I’ve been there. When you talk about the challenges involved with managing that same busy schedule when you’re trying to make behaviour changes: I’ve been there too. When you confide in me about how difficult it can be to have limited range of motion in a joint due to an injury: I’ve been there too.

I’m here to help troubleshoot the path to your goals, to make them happen with as few speed bumps as possible. By offering a highly personalized approach, we’ll work together and create solutions to help you achieve your best performance possible.

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