I love listening to podcasts.

If you have a busy lifestyle, podcasts are your answer for making the most of your time. Covering almost every topic that you could image, they are a fantastic way to learn... and they're FREE! (almost all of them).

I typically listen to podcasts when I'm working out, or driving, and I've learned so much from making the most of this otherwise low-productivity time.

If you've never heard of podcasts before, the easiest way to get them is to download them through iTunes, or direct from the sites themselves. They are pre-recorded digital audio programs, with new episodes coming out at defined intervals. Some are posted every day, others are posted weekly or monthly.

Here are my favourites so far:


The Smart Passive Income Podcast: I've been listening to this podcast since September 2014, and this has been a mindblowing amount of critical business information. From SEO, to Marketing, to web design, to the life of an entrepreneur, Pat Flynn touches on every topic related to business, and his guests are high profile, and bring valuable

Ask Pat: To be honest, I haven't listened to this one yet, but it's run by the same guy as the podcast above, which I adore. It's a unique style since the host answers a user question that can be submitted on his website. Very cool way to connect an audience the the content that is being delivered, and it's sure to pass on a lot of nuggets of great information.

What the Speak: This public speaking and presenting podcast is another valuable source of information for anyone who's job is customer/client/patient facing. Lots of valuable information here, and if anything, it provides assurances to you that even the big names in entrepreneurship get nervous sometimes. (Explicit)

StartUp Podcast: A short series outlining the many decisions and meetings that go into developing a company and a brand. This is a unique show since you get to hear the ACTUAL conversations that are had: you hear a fumbling pitch to a venture capitalist, you hear the debates about naming a business, and you hear the late night ideas when they're springing into the entrepreneur's head.

The $100 MBA show: This daily (!!) podcast features 10 minutes of content every episode. If you're someone that likes to finish episodes cleanly, then these short bits of business information would be great for you.

The Art of Charm: When this podcast started, it was supposed to be solely a men's dating advice podcast. It quickly changed into an overall communication and personal efficacy podcast, and is one of my favourite podcasts for the guests that are featured on the podcast.  The host of the podcast is a bit vulgar, and speaks about himself a fair amount, but the value of this podcast is far superior to these minor setbacks.


The Paleo Solution Podcast: One of the first podcasts that I've listened to start to finish. I've listened to each of the over 200 podcasts on this one. It's a mix of biochemistry, nutrition, laughs, comedy, weightlifting, and strength training topics. Really, it's everything I love all rolled into one. This is a great podcast, especially if you're already into Paleo. (Explicit)

Varied topics

Quirks and Quarks: I have some great memories of going to judi practice with my dad, and listening to this radio show hosted by Bob McDonald. It's a mixed bag of science research and stories, and is very informative.

Freakonomics: If I wasn't a health care practitioner, I would be an economist (most likely a behavioural economist). I love economics because it gets to the bottom of the reasons we do what we do. As I have an avid interest in understanding behaviour change, this kind of insight into behaviour is critical to motivating patients to modify their own patterns.

NPR: TED Radio Hour: Curated TED talk compilations about various topics, and on podcasts! TED talks are great, and to have a steady stream of them to listen to is excellent!

NPR: RadioLab: Stories on just about everything! The hosts are very entertaining, and I've been touched on many occasions by the authenticity of conversation. Not one to miss.

NPR: This American Life: RadioLab's sister podcast, stories from various fields of study. Very entertaining.

The One We Feed: This podcast is based on the parable about how there are two wolves in our mind; one that is good, and one that is evil. "The one that grows, is the one we feed" connotes that if we put positive thoughts into your brain, then we will grow the good "wolf" and will yield positive outcomes. Now, this isn't just about the power of positive thinking, there is a lot of conversation between the guests and the host about the mindfulness and self actualization. This is a fairly new one to me (December 2014) but I've been enjoying it!