Recommended Books

I read a lot of non fiction as well as listen to podcasts in my spare time. I've really been enjoying e-books lately too. While in transit, and on vacations, it's a great way to keep a lot of books with you. Getting an e-book reader with e-ink is an even better idea: since it doesn't have a backlit screen, there is less chance that a late-night read will keep you up at night. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about your tablet, or cell phone. I have a Kobo Mini that I've been very happy with, and if you want a slightly bigger version of the same, then a Kobo Glo could be a good fit. (I have no affiliations with Kobo products, I just really enjoy them!)

That being said, there's nothing like a real book in your hand, and on your shelf after you've read it.


Behavioural Psychology

Switch Tipping PointInfluence: The Psychology of PersuasionPredictably IrrationalFlow



The Art of the PitchThe Impact EquationExecutionThink and Grow RichZero to One

7 Habits of Highly Effective People | How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Speed of Trust | The Lean Startup | The $100 Startup


Nutrition and Lifestyle

The Diet FixBlue Zones | The Paleo Solution | It Starts With Food


Personal Efficacy

The Pursuit of PerfectThe Happiness AdvantageBefore HappinessFlow 

The Wealthy Barber Returns