Rates and Fee Schedule

First things first: you might have insurance coverage to work with me! Naturopathic Medicine is covered under many extended benefit plans, so check your coverage to see if you can get reimbursed for visit fees.

**Additional charges may be incurred for supplements prescribed during the visit, or for lab tests ordered to aid in finding a diagnosis. They will always be discussed with you before you are billed. 

Naturopathic Medicine services are HST exempt, so there is no tax on the fees listed below.


Visits at Flow Health and Wellness:

Adult- Initial Visit: $160

Adult- Follow Up/ Acupuncture: $70


Pediatric/Student/Senior- Initial Visit: $120

Pediatric/Student/Senior- Follow Up/ Acupuncture: $60


Home Visits:

Adult- Initial visit: $200

Adult- Follow Up/ Acupuncture: $100