What Happens in the Initial Appointment?

The initial visit involves at least 1 hour of getting to know you, gathering information, education, and treatments during the visit.

Pre-Visit: Even before you come to the visit, you will fill out some paperwork (found here) that describes your basic health information, as well as some questions about your daily health behaviours.

During the visit: You get time to talk about your health history, to talk about your health goals, and to go into details about your health that you may not have discussed with other practitioners. Since there are many factors that can impact a person's health (these are called "determinants of health") there are many different areas of your life that are covered during visits. I often get comments from patients that they have never been asked such thorough questions about their health.

At first glance, some of these areas might seem completely unrelated to your concern, but it's important to get a full picture of your health status, to clearly outline the health barriers and successes that exist in your life. The following topics are discussed in an initial visit: 

Description of Health Goals | Medical History | Family History | Allergies | Nutrition

Current Drugs and Supplements | Sleep | Digestion | Stress | Movement and Exercise

Home Environment | Physical Environment | Social Environment | Work Environment

What happens in a follow up appointment?

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