Does your supplement have an NPN?

Check your Supplement bottles for an NPN!

I've been seeing all kinds of supplement articles floating around the internet saying that supplements don't have the ingredients that are listed on the bottle, and that many are tainted with other ingredients. This article in particular has been shared by many of my friends and colleagues:…/sidebar-whats-in-those-su…/…

Luckily, as Canadians, we don't have to worry about this half as much as Americans do!

In Canada, it's mandatory that every natural health product has something called a "Natural Product Number" or NPN listed on the bottle. This means that a product has been deemed safe, effective and high quality by the government.

"The Canadian approach to regulation is often referred to as a “pre-approval” system which means that all NHPs must be approved by Health Canada BEFORE they are allowed to be legally sold to Canadians. In addition, Health Canada separates NHPs from food and uses a rigorous licensing process similar to that used to approve pharmaceutical products for sale." (Source:

This is a far cry from the abysmal standard in the states:

"The United States regulates NHPs (known as “dietary supplements”) as food products and uses an approach referred to as “post market reporting.” This means that NHPs can be marketed and sold in the U.S. without government testing or approval and manufacturers are expected to report any adverse effects." (Source:

The first place to start when assessing products is checking that it has an NPN. 

Without this number, the products are MUCH more likely to be tainted with other ingredients, binders, or fillers that aren't listed on the bottle.
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